RUCluckers is the Radioactive Uber Clan's main fast food chain. It serves mainly chicken based products and sometimes even fried ice cream on holiday seasons. It was made by Felix the Cat though he gave up ownership a while later due to stress. He made it because he remembered how his family loved chicken and wants to show off his secret fried chicken recipes to the world.

The RUC also uses RUCluckers as a way to gain charity money to donate to many types of charitys to save peoples lives. The fast food chains mascot Clucker the chicken also helps run every chain while he helps children be happy.

The RUC eats there for free while associates to the Radioactive Uber Clan gets half-off deals. It is a very popular food chain and has RUC quizzes and facts on the back of every bag and cup. Many people work in these fast food restaurants and it has the highest employee satisfaction rate.

When Felix gave up ownership to the food chain, Ruben's Nuts decided to take ownership for it and has since then, helped it thrive with all 1000 of its chicken recipes.

A food recipe list will appear at a later date. As of 2018, due to the Operation: RUCleanup, there will be new foods added to RUCluckers for some healthier and easy going foods.

RUChicken Slider

A sneak peek at the new RUChicken slider for the 2018 menu.

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