The RUCopter in action.

The RUCopter is Popeye The Sailor personal luxery military helicopter brought to him by Jafar when he went into an abandoned US Military base for supplies. While it is a standard military helicopter, it is how Popeye moves around areas fast. Only Popeye and Jafar are allowed in the helicopter as well as their personal pilot. The Copter is known to be extremely resliant from gunfire and demon attacks and it has a mini gun strapped inside in case Popeye needs to use it. The helicopter can also shoot ballistic missiles out of it.

Despite all this, the Helicopter is known to break down and crash. In its lifetime, the Helicopter has crashed 10 times and needed repairs 14 times. Despite all this, it is a very reliable way of transportation for Popeye. Popeye is currently in Flying School so he can learn how to fly it himself since the personal pilot is old and wants to retire with his family and Popeye wants to make him happy and do just that: Let the man retire while Popeye learns how to fly.