Potion of blood

A standard RUCure.

An RUCure describes several medicines in vials made by Jafar that'll cure most diseases. There are currently three known RUCures but one of them is not finished yet. They are given out and sold all over in pharmacys and RUC soldiers take them to cure their treatment.

RUCure standard

A standard RUCure is a vial of red, glowing liquid designed to cure people of their sicknesses. They can range from simple common colds to the likes of liver and heart failure. These are the cheapest to get.

RUCure supreme

An RUCure supreme is a giant, glowing blue vial designed to not only cure sicknesses but also heal wounds. An RUCure supreme can heal cuts, bruises, scabs, wounds, and cuts easily. There also have been reports of RUCures healing people of their disabilities and making them walk again.

RUCures also grow back the bones of peoples missing limbs quickly.

RUCure for Cancer

There is currently an RUCure in development that is designed to rid the world of cancer. The current ingredients for it are Demon blood, salt, gold, the Guggul plant, Makoi, apples, ginger, and garlic. There is however one extremely important piece of ingredient Jafar needs for the RUCure for Cancer before he can use it: Bern's Spine. Berns spine is full of neurotoxins that when grinded up, will be released and have been known to kill cancer cells.

Jafar vows that when Bern is dead, he will take his spine and use it for a cure for cancer. It is currently in the prototype stages due to this.