The RUIsland.

The RUIsland is a secret base where the Radioactive Uber Clan goes to for extended periods of vacations. It is considered a lively place where RUC soldiers have fun while relaxing.

There have been only eight known cases where the entire Radioactive Uber Clan has to go here for extended periods of vacation.

The most recent vacation was on 8/24/15 when Popeye realized the RUC haven't progressed in their efforts to stop demons and more importantly, Lady Tremaine has a mild headache.

It is in an unknown sea of sea and only the RUC knows where it is. Volleyball and coconut tossing is the most common form of entertainment there. There are also spas and gourmet food.

The RUIsland was ran by Ruben's Nuts and Jabberjaw.

During their vacation, the island was decimated by Mikennemonic and the Cosmic Six, causing the Great Fall and was encouragement for the Resurgance of the RUC to happen.