The mine the RUC calls the "RUMine".

The RUMine is a name given to a large mining area where the tunnels are full of gold, holy magic, diamonds, and other jewels.

Fat Albert first discovered this RUMine in question when running away from Mikennemonic who was trying to kill him. The ground on top gave out and he fell deep into the mine, causing Mike to be confused where he went.

Albert woke up and saw that there was all sorts of gold and jewels in this cave. He also felt the presence of holy magic throughout the cave.

Albert went to Popeye The Sailor and informed him of these mines. Delighted, Popeye gave Albert control of the mine and gave him a few criminals from the RUCamps as well as a few soldiers to mine it for him.

The mine itself has a camp area where soldiers and the criminals from the RUCamps reside. They bring in anything noteworthy via a wagon. The gold they find goes to RUC funding, charities, and Project Equality. The Holy magic they find is stored in jars which they use to power their weapons and give the soldiers holy magic.

With the help of Count Chocula, Albert also got the help of ghosts mining the area too in exchange for them to be at peace soon.

However, underneath the deepest parts of the mine resides an unknown creature. This unknown creature has been known to eat a lot of the miners. Unfortunately, the only way to calm this monster is to toss a miner or soldier into a hole that leads to the deepest part of the mine out as a sacrifice, which Popeye and Albert feel sick doing but it is for a good cause.

All the miners and soldiers are very well fed here and there are tons of games like poker, pool, and even a Wrestling ring to help ease the boredom. There are also spas to help calm people down from the mining in this RUMine.

The RUMine so far has been helping the RUC find gold and other discoveries.