One of the many RUSchools.

An RUSChool is a school ran by the Radioactive Uber Clan. There are two types of RUSchools: Regular and RUC school. They are considered some of the best schools when it comes to getting an education.

When Felix the Cat saw that his orphans needed to go to a school, he went to Popeye The Sailor to suggest schools that'll make his kids happy. With the help of both Mr. Rogers and Dr. Zitbag, the RUSchools were made.

It was originally one school designed around simple education until Lady Tremaine suggested to merge their original idea of making a program to recruit people into the RUC with the schools. To compromise, Popeye ended up making two variations of the RUSchools: One normal and one for training people to be future RUC soldiers. You can tell the difference because regular schools are red while RUC Schools are blue. There was originally going to be a green colored school designed to have both regular history and RUC related stuff in it but three different variations of the same school was considered confusing.

Every few months the head of the school switches around meaning the headmaster is different every semester. There are a total of 30 different classrooms, each serving a purpose of teaching the kids different subjects ranging from math, geography, biology, cooking, spanish, Japanese, and fashion.

Some RUC soldiers and staff live in the RUSchools for budget reasons. Some of them sleep in their own classrooms. Some RUSchools have kids sleep in the schools themselves for a full year too.

Over 15000 kids graduated. During every graduation ceremony, Popeye comes to make a speech to the kids while singing the Star Spangled Banner.

The schools currently have an A- in quality.