The future RUC HQ and planned center of the RUC government.

RUTopia is the future city the Radioactive Uber Clan will create after they destroy the evil demon Mikennemonic and save the world. It is considered to be the most beautiful of all cities and will be the center of the RUC One World Government of Peace and Love(RUCOWGPL for short).

It will be planned to be the most green, cleanest, and brightest city around to show the innocence and love of humans.

The biggest and largest building will be where Popeye The Sailor resides as he watches the RUC and the people live their days in happiness.

The RUTopia also has an invisible force field that prevents Demons from going in.

Popeye wants to do anything to make the RUTopia capital a reality: Whether by making it himself or by converting and/or convincing a previously established city to become the RUTopia.

It will have everything: Arcades(RUCades), diners, RUCluckers, Hotels, Movie and entertainment theaters, military bases, and many homes for the citizens and people to live at.

Everyone in the RUTopia capital will all wear a bright blue jumpsuit because the microchips in them are all individually made so keys and credit cards can become obsolete.

Popeye wants the RUTopia to happen with him watching over it. It'll be the most expensive project to date for the RUC.