"Carpe Noctem."- Jabberjaw, before the final battle.

Radioactive Uber Clan: Brutem Fulmen is an upcoming video game made by the Radioactive Uber Clan group, RUComputers designed in RPG Maker. It tells the true story of the birth of the RUC as well as the intended future.


A young boy by the name of Popeye the Sailor. has lost his parents from the evil Mr. Jap. This loss made him form the famous Radioactive Uber Clan: A group of heroes who want to stop evil and Demons around the world. The first part of the game will be an accurate retelling of the events forming the RUC.

When Chalice, the Great Woman of the Divines, told Popeye of a way to stop Mikes Army and Mikennemonic permanently, Popeye listened. She told him of an ancient thunderbolt that can destroy all demonic beings when weld. It is foretold that it will only appear when the world is nearing its end from the dreaded Nnemonicalypse. The Thunderbolt that can stop Mike and the evil demon army is called... the Brutem Fulmen.


This is a turn based RPG in which the player controls a party of Radioactive Uber Clan members to defeat Evil demons and save the world. The mechanics are deep and gourmet. The gourmet mechanics require a lot of understanding that can save you or have you die.

There are branching paths that will determine the fate of the RUC. There is also a Bounty system that you can get money for defeating specific demons or help people.