The evil demon who turned Nintendo into a satanic cult.

Reggie Fils-aime is a member of Mikes Army and took over Nintendo after the 2006 demonic hellrape incident. He is a spy made by Mikennemonic who infiltrated Nintendo and caused the 2006 Demonic Hellrape Incident.

He is a demon to be feared and has turned all Wii U's into nukes. When Fat Albert was trying to give a Wii U as a peace item to Mike in hopes of quenching the demons thirst of blood, Reggie turned the nuke on and it blew up. Fat Albert survived it but due to that, he realized how evil Nintendo has become.

The Radioactive Uber Clan has fought against Reggie Fils-aime and his army of shapeshifting 3DS mutants. He also gave birth to the demon Hatter and will do anything he can to watch the world burn. He almost died by the hands of Mr. Rogers but Reggie bit Mr. Rogers and ran off.

He is an evil threat just like Mike, Nostalgia Critic, and Tomato King.

As of July 2015, he has been reformed. He is no longer an enemy.