Reisens human form.

Reisen is a new member of Mikes Army and is the Demonic sniper of the demon army. It is a collective consciousness of all the deceased demons formed into one being. Reisen was made by evil demon Glackenburgen to revive all their deceased demons into one collective soul.

Impressed by this, Mikennemonic fed newborn babies to the collective demon to see its true power. She showed Mike that she can absorb the lifes essence of newborn babies by chewing them.

Reisen had a blood orgy with Bern to accomplish the fifth revival of the Demon Reapers so they can invade China and slaughter many innocent Chinese there.

Popeye The Sailor and Fat Albert both fought against Raven, Bern, and the Demon Reapers. They wounded Bern, causing everyone else except for Reisen to retreat.

It shot a missile out of its stomach and hit Albert, knocking him out. In a fit of rage, Popeye grabbed the Whack N Jack and slammed it in her head. Due to this incident, Reisen was given brain damage.

Mike and Reisen are currently having a blood orgy to heal each other and the Demon Reapers.


Reisens Demon form.