Roger Roachley was a giant, killer anthropomorphic cockroach who wanted to steal peoples life's essence to give to his evil demonic Boss, Bern to keep his feminine looking appearance.

Roger Roachley likes to stalk little girls, young women, and middle aged women because they have a lot of life's essence to them. He would then eat them and absorb their life's essence so Bern would drink his urine to he can keep his appearance.

Roger Roachley began to take a human form to stalk Jafars mother. He would later date Jafars mother, in the attempt to get near her. Jafar had suspicions that this strange man would do something to his mother.

On July 4th, Jafars suspicions were correct when Roger Roachley turned into his true form and swallowed his mother, attempting to absorb her life and infecting her with the cock-virus. Jafar pulled his mother out of him before putting her down out of her misery since there was no known cure.

Roger Roachley would later be healed by having a Blood Orgy with Bern to heal his wounds.

Many years later, Roger Roachley opened up a candy store by orders of his demonic boss Bern to poison the children there. Jafar saw Bern and Roachley there and stepped into action. He grabbed a candy cane and impaled Roachleys head with it, killing him instantly and tried to kill Bern but the evil demon disappeared in a flash.

After the death of Roger Roachley, the children who were poisoned with the poisonous candy were given a cure by Jafar and they praised him for his efforts.

The Radioactive Uber Clan gave Jafar a medal that day for stopping a monster.