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BREAKING Soviet Steve murders elderly lady on 9-11 Hotline.

RIP Ruth price. The RUC will avenge you.

Ruth Price was a woman who lived in Akron, Ohio who was murdered by Soviet Steve. She leaves behind two daughters and six grandchildren.


On 1/13/14, Ruth price called 9-11 operators about a man stalking her house. After a while, the man barges into her house and beats her constantly. This man was Soviet Steve. All she could hear was the soviet national anthem as Steve was strangling her.

When police arrived they saw Ruth stapled on the cieling with sickles, her guts spilling out, eyes chewed out and shit on, her head smashed by a hammer, her tongue bitten off, and she was clearly raped after her brutal death. When the police went into her bedroom they saw her intestines on the wall shaped like the Soviet Union flag with blood under it saying, "Soviet FTW".

Soviet Steve is now wanted for 3rd degree murder, rape, and necrophilia.