The evil company.

Sony is an evil video game company who has been known to brainwash people with their games and consoles to drain peoples money and to turn them into serial killers.

They were manipulating the Radioactive Uber Clan to go after Nintendo but after a while, Popeye The Sailor saw through their evil ways.

Their evil leader, Kaz Hirai wants to block out the sun so he can cause the next ice age. This makes even evil demon Mikennemonic disgusted since he hates Ice.

They have been known to manipulate anyone and everyone for their own personal gains. It has been known that members of Mikes Army owns Playstation consoles and handhelds which double Sonys evil power. They once tried to merge Jabberjaw with a PSP to turn him into a brainwashed cyborg but it failed due to Jabberjaws heart being in the right place.

The RUC are currently in a war with them to stop them.