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Soviet Steve is a member of Mike 's Army and the leader of the new USSR. He was once a simple man but the Leninnyte crystal has corrupted his mind and made him look like Stalin. This resulted in him turning into a monster, killing everyone in site.

Soviet Steve then took over Russia and with his chariot of flaming lions that were summoned by Mike himself from the underworld, Steve set out to revive Mike and destroy the universe.

Steve is responsible for raping unborn fetus's and bombing cities.


Steve, like Bern, Mike, Ambush Bug, and everyone else, is capable of transforming into a demonic mutant. In his case his demon form is of a blob-like mutant that creates communist gas, killing everyone in a 1000 mile radius. This has resulted in part of North Korea going insane and on the verge of killing everyone.

Steve also trains kids to become evil communists like him. Every time a capitalist dies, Steve slowly becomes immortal. It is said that if 10001 capitalists die by his hands, he will show his true demon form and impregnant all the women and children. His sex puns are foreshadowing this event in which if he doesn't die, he will create a race of demon Steve's.

Steve has also gained the power to become 500 feet tall and he managed to destroy helicopters just by swallowing them whole.

Battle on Mount Chiliad

Steve and Felix fought on Mount Chiliad when Soviet Steve grabbed a little girl and her grandmother. When he ate the face of the grandmother and turned her into a Commie zombie, Felix put the grandmother out of her misery and attacked Steve. Despite a long fight, Felix lost the fight, but he took a finger off of Steve which took 100 years off his lifespan, postponing his immortality.

To this day Felix will do whatever it takes to defeat and assassinate Soviet Steve. Popeye gave Felix a Red medal of honor after this. Steve is the 2nd most wanted person out of the RUC wanted list(in between Mike and Bern ).

Soviet Steve today drags little children to his basement with Ambush Bug and their enforcer, Bingo the Clown(who is secretly the traiter Ronald Mcdonald), and convert the children to communists for him to control and impregnant once he reaches immortality.

Steve's true appearance outside of Streaming.