Spots Human form.

Spotxspott is a demon who recently gained infamy and is part of Mikes Army. He has a sheer dislike for children and is known to grind them up into meat. Spot is an Umbrella turned demon. He has recently became a general in Mikes army when he began to force feed children with the rotten remains of their parents and impregnanting him with his Umbrella Monster Demon children.


Spot was a normal umbrella who was bought by a James Heward. James was using Spot to go through rainy areas and held onto him all the time. However when the evil demon Mikennemonic invaded his hometown, Mike began to chant in tongue, which in turn transformed most household items into evil demons. Spot turned from an umbrella into an evil demon from this satanic chant. Spot, obeying his new master Mike went up and impaled James with an umbrella and sucked his life force.

Spot became number 7th in the Radioactive Uber Clan's most wanted list for force-cannibalism, terrorism, rape, littering, and jaywalking.


Spot has a talking Umbrella brother named Roscow the Umbrella. Roscow was a member of Mike's Army and was a one legged, talking Umbrella. Unlike Spot, he has no human form. One day Roscow and his family of evil Umbrella demons burned down a mall full of children which enraged Popeye The Sailor prompting Popeye to target and kill every "Talking Umbrella with One Eye". Popeye caught up and killed Roscow by chopping him up and force feeding him to an evil demon, much to Spots enragement.


Spot after the Great Fall


Spots True Demon form.