Stoo'thoo The Wise-Eye is the leader of the Cosmic Six and a being of mass destruction. He was created by the negative resources of the universe and harbors to plunge the multiverse into despair and sadness so he can be immortal. He is a being of mass destruciton that has taken a fascination of the Radioactive Uber Clan. He is also friends and golf buddies with the evil demon Mikennemonic.

Stoo-thoo and the rest of the Cosmic Six ended up causing the Great Fall which shook up the RUC and gave Popeye the sailor amnesia.


Stoo'thoo is able to summon the negative energies of humanity to use against his enemies. This negative energy can be used to be turned into atomic energy to kill people. He is also able to warp the minds of many. Stoo'Thoo has also been known to cause insanity to those who even speak his name. Due to the blessings of Kermit The Frog though, the RUC is safe from this. No one can comprehend the Wise-eyes true form.

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