A Surveillance Van.

Surveillance Vans are the Radioactive Uber Clan special vans that keep an eye out for any Demons, terrorists, or criminal activity that are roaming around towns. They are designed to be like any other vehicle in the area but are in reality, Surveillance vans. They were commissioned by RUC Spy, Alf as a way for the RUC to know where any demons or criminals are easier.

The inside has a special computer with two screens: One that shows what the camera is showing and the other that lets them message RUC soldiers at the RUC HQ about any issues.

If a demon, terrorist, or criminal are spotted, the Surveillance Van will set off its Silent Alarm which lets any nearby soldiers know of the demons location and they will send a report to RUC HQ about the issue.

They are usually posed as either regular vans or Ice cream trucks.


Inside a Surveillance Van.