TT Born2

T.A.R.D.( Stands for Technically Aggressive Repulsive Demons) Babies are evil baby demons controlled by Mikennemonic and given birth by Bern. They have a putrid smell and can puncture eardrums as well as spit acid. They tend to fly around like imps and terrorize humans.

T.A.R.D. Babies fly and devour peoples human babies as well as take the place of a human fetus and eat it. When they are born from the human host, they become Spider demons.

The Radioactive Uber Clan has fought many on occassion and are sometimes forced to kill a pregnant woman who is holding a Tard Baby to put her out of her misery before the demon devours her. They then light the aborted demon fetus on fire to make sure they never come back to life.

They are one of the many types of demons Mike controls in his army.