The Trio of Heroes was a trio of celebrities who hid their identities as heroes from everyone. They devoted their love to peace and harmony while stopping crime.

When the Trio of Heroes heard about the Radioactive Uber Clan, they decided to go and check them out. Impressed by their skills, the Trio of Heroes each taught Popeye The Sailor the way of life and how to fight back as well as how to devote peace. However one day, an evil Scientist known as Dr. Plague killed the Trio of Heroes one by one until all three were dead. Now their souls are inside Popeyes spirit to give him great power.

The Trio

Here is each member of the Trio of Heroes.

Elvis Presley

Iconic singer Elvis Presley is one member of the Trio of Heroes representing "Love". He was the leader of the Trio of heroes. He knew Popeye had great strength in him when he saw him and wanted to help the RUC the best he could.

He used to use his own songs as attacks whenever he is threatened, which caused supersonic soundwaves and cause the enemies eardrums to burst. He gave Popeye this attack so he could "Deafen his enemies with the sound of love".

However the evil Dr. Plague managed to poison Elvis and he was found dead on the toilet. He was buried and became a music Hall of Famer. His spirit resides in Popeye.



Lover of peace and nonviolence, Gandhi represents the "Peace" in the Trio of heroes. He doubted Popeye when he first met him but when Elvis pointed out the Radioactive Uber Clans great strength, he began to warm up to Popeye.

Popeye uses the power of the "Peace Beam" which when shot, stops someones violent tendencies for 200 seconds. He taught Popeye this technique and it helped him in many situations.

However Gandhis power in the Trio of Heroes came to an unfortunate end when the evil Dr. Plague pulled out a gun and shot him. Gandhi died of assassination but his soul resides in Popeye.


H.P. Lovecraft

The legendary writer H.P. Lovecraft represents the "Mystery" in the Trio of Heroes. He loves the power of mystery and created many Lovecraft related books in his lifetime. When he first met Popeye he gave the Sailor a "Detailed examination" to see if he was close to being the hero Elvis said he was. Turns out Elvis was correct and Lovecraft gave a loyal bow to Popeye and the Radioactive Uber Clan.

He taught Popeye the power of the "Lovecraft eye" which can reveal mysteries to him just by nearly popping his eye out. This had lead to Popeye solving many mysteries in the RUCs lifetime.

However Dr. Plague began to ruin Lovecrafts life and he was thrown in poverty. To make things worse Dr. Plague injected Lovecraft with the "Neo-Acid disease" which slowly and painfully killed him. Lovecrafts soul resides in Popeye.