Tupac Amaru Shakur is an American rapper who is known for causing Interwar2 and almost causing a Neo-Jewish genocide.


4 years after the defeat of Mr. Jap the Radioactive Uber Clan was protecting the peace of the world when a nuke landed on Blue Canada. The nuke was from a certain Tupac Shakur. Tupac declared war on the RUC so he can kill off the Neo-Jewish population they were residing.

After kidnapping Fat Albert, Popeye and Felix the Cat went to save him. They managed to save Albert with the help of Daffy Duck.

The RUC realized that Tupac was kidnapping and raping little underage girls in his mansion that was a secret volcano designed to summon Demon Tiki gods. Their final battle took place here.


During the battle against Tupac, not even Popeye with his spinach could stop this demon. With a last ditch effort, Daffy Duck gave up his life by tossing himself with Tupac into the volcano pit.

Everyone mourned the death of Daffy while celebrating Tupac's demise. The demon was no more and Felix was promoted to "Assassin".