Waldo is the mascot character for the Radioactive Uber Clan and was based off a real man named Waldo Romaninadi who was Jesus's desciple and the founder of the Toxic Clan, the precurssor to the RUC. He is seen in every RUC poster.


During the days of jesus Christ, Waldo protected the fellow religious figure from evil romans. He held a long rivalry with the Satanic demon that is with Mike known as Edgar P. Jebidiah.

Waldo saved Moses and killed in the name of god. Even millions of years after his fued with Jebidiah and his death, he is seen as a heroic figure to the RUC. Popeye went with his image because he is a descendent of Waldo.


When Jebidiah enslaved and raped the jews and Jesus's friends, Waldo came to the rescue. However Satan and Jebidiah teamed up to battle Waldo. Waldo defeated Satan but despite cutting off Jebidiahs toe, he was enslaved and evnetually crucified.

Waldo's death is one of the reasons why humanity stood up against Jebidiah and drove him out of Earth. Even after death he still battles Jebidiah by giving his powers to Popeye.